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About Our Cycling Trails

All of our cycling trails have been carefully designed to minimise exposure to motor traffic and maximise peaceful rural scenery. We make best use of a mixture of quiet country lanes, bridleways and tracks - with occasional villages for refreshment stops. The gently winding nature of our trails provides great flexibility, with easy short-cut opportunities available should you need them.

Relaxed or Strenuous, Onroad or Offroad - Your Choice

We hope that everyone will appreciate the scenic & near traffic-free experience of our cycle routes. But when it comes to daily distance, hilliness, and onroad/offroad terrain preference, we recognise that everyone's idea of a perfect day's bike ride is different! So we've established a trail versions scheme (see table below) to meet a very wide range of activity levels. Our 2-4 night Beginner Tours offer "Beginner" and "Occasional Rider" versions. Our 2-8 night Regular Tours offer versions for Occasional, Regular, and Energetic Riders. Our Day Trails offer versions for all levels, from Beginner right through to Energetic.

Our Trail Versions Scheme

  Typical Daily Mileage Choice Typical Daily Ascent Choice (ft) Typical Offroad Percentage Choice
Beginner version 15-25 600-1000 10-30% (all easy)
Occasional Rider version 20-30 800-1200 10-30% (all easy)
Regular Rider version 25-40 1000-1600 15-40% (easy-medium)
Energetic Rider version 35-50 1300-2000 20-60% (easy-strenuous)
Deer inspecting one of our cycle routes Nice biking trail leaving Stoke by Nayland
Offroad cycling past Levington Church Kersey offers a scenic bike ride