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About Our Day Trail Guide Formats

Our full range of day trail guides (currently 9 day trails, each available in 4 versions from 'Beginner' through to 'Energetic') can be purchased online in a choice of formats as follows:

"Bronze" Format

This provides a full written description of the main route, complete with map references for use with your own map (not provided). Also included is a comprehensive set of supplementary information comprising: short-cut option(s); "long-cut" option(s); road option(s) for riders preferring a tarmac surface; offroad options(s) for riders preferring a softer trail surface; details of refreshment stops along the route; information about points of interest along the route. Bronze guides are delivered as a pdf file for viewing and printing from your computer.

"Silver" / "Silver GPS" Formats

These formats add a full graphical representation of the main route plus alternative route options described above. "Silver GPS" provides a set of .gpx files suitable for loading into almost all handheld GPSs and GPS-enabled Smartphones. For those without such a device, "Silver" format provides a set of A4 Bing Map paper printouts with the route marked up in highlighter pen, providing an "on the day" map for use on your ride.

"Gold" / "Gold GPS" Formats

These formats build further on the "Silver" and "Silver GPS" formats respectively, by including one (or if necessary two) Ordnance Survey folding maps (Landranger or Explorer series) covering the complete trail area. Your main route plus alternative options are marked on this reference map using fluorescent highlighter pens. This ensures that the map remains fully legible for any other future use, once you've completed your trail ride.


Deer inspecting one of our cycle routes Nice biking trail leaving Stoke by Nayland
Offroad cycling past Levington Church Kersey offers a scenic bike ride