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Our Customer Feedback

During our first two years of operation we provided a formal feedback form to all our customers at the end of their holiday, requesting detailed comments (both favourable and critical), to help us learn what we were doing well and where we could improve things. We were delighted to discover that almost all of our customers took the time and trouble to complete a feedback form for us, and thrilled to learn that 99% of them said that they would recommend us to a friend.

For the 2013 season, we felt confident to dispense with the continued use of structured formal questionnaires, but we did of course continue to gather informal feedback. We've also been delighted to receive a steadily increasing number of repeat customers, which is of course the most reliable feedback that we are providing an excellent level of service!

During 2013, a few of our customers also made the suggestion that we should establish a presence on Trip Advisor, which we have now followed up on. Here is our Trip Advisor link.

Feedback Statistics (2011 + 2012 Seasons)

Our Customer Feedback Form asked customers to rate us for a number of criteria, as either EXCELLENT/VERY GOOD/GOOD/FAIR/POOR. To analyse feedback trends, we converted these subjective ratings to numerical ratings of 100%/80%/60%/40%/20%, to allow us to calculate average ratings from all our customer returns.

Here are our average ratings from all feedback forms received during the 2011 + 2012 seasons:

Overall Holiday Rating: 92%

Online Booking Process: 84%

Pre-Holiday Communications: 88%

Quality of Accommodation: 87%

Quality of Cycling Itinerary: 86%

Quality of Hire Bikes: 82%

Quality of Maps & Route Guides: 90%

Quality of GPS Unit: 81%

Selected Feedback Comments

"We had a wonderful time and hope to call on you again in the future."

Mike & Clair Phillips, Wisconsin, USA.

"A very enjoyable break. Great service when experienced a puncture."

Gaynor & Harrison Garner, Buckinghamshire, UK.

"Excellent maps and always interesting routes. Beautiful dykes and ferries".

John & Charlotte Aldridge, London, UK.

"Wonderful route selected and easy to follow GPS system. Would certainly try another coolpedals adventure soon."

Geoffrey *******, Oxfordshire, UK.

"We had a wonderful 3 days cycling the beginners/intermediate route mapped out so diligently by Paul. Exactly as we'd asked, varied, pretty and with plenty of pub/coffee stops along the way."

Sue ***, Essex, UK.


Deer in Suffolk field, startled by mountain bike on nearby trail Offroad bike trail leaving Stoke by Nayland, heading west towards Essex
Levington Church from floral cycle trail Kersey village, a popular bike ride